My Preferences


I made a picture of these bleeding hearts one evening with the Canon G3X at 600mm and then again the next morning with the X-Pro2 at 35mm.  I preferred the one above made with the X-Pro2 and the equivalent 35mm lens.  I had to get closer, crop, and upsize to match the composition, but when I can get closer I like them better.

When comparing pictures made from the Leica X2, the Canon G3X, and the Fuji X-Pro2, I noticed a big difference in the white balance between the Fuji and the others, so I have made some in-camera adjustments to the white balance of the Fuji and I like it better.  The Fuji images were too cool so I warmed them up.

I will probably go back to mainly using my X-Pro2 for most of my photography and mostly use the Leica as a pocket camera when I can’t take the X-Pro2 and use the Canon mostly for birds and extreme focal length images.

I even used my old pancake 27mm lens to make the following as I was checking colors.  I’m now thinking that I might use the X-Pro2 with the 27mm lens for many of my future around town pictures.



    • enmanscamera

      Good review. However, I wonder if a DSLR equipped with a macro lens would have been a better choice. Macro lenses are designed to work at close distance. Where as you talk about post cropping.

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      • John Holmes

        Could be, but you need to think about how to define “better.” I gave up DSLR cameras due to their size, weight, and need for fine tuning the focus of each lens. I do have a semi-macro lens for my Fuji system, but I have been trying to learn how much (limits, etc.) I can do with one lens for maximum different types of subjects. That is “better” in my case.

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      • enmanscamera

        I used “better” as in a piece of equipment specifically designed for the purpose of shooting up close. “Better” might not have been a good choice of words.
        However, if size and weight bothers you then I can understand why you would prefer lighter lenses not designed for macro. Yes, in your case the Fuji would be better.

        Size and weight is meaningless for my purposes, When I do Macro/closeup I use a macro lens (a 200mm macro is my preference), one or two flashes (and many times that means stands), and of course a tripod.

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