It’s a Small World

I was walking the other day with my X-Pro2 with only the 27mm pancake lens when I started noticing all the small things.  Things normally too small, or too far away, to consider photographing with such a wide lens unless I could get very close to them.

I have a problem with getting down on the ground and getting close to things I wish to photograph.  I have a bad, stiff back and use a cane.  I can get down and back up, but it often isn’t worth it.  On this walk I decided to photograph the small things while standing up.  When I got back home and downloaded the pictures to my computer I saw that I really had to crop them quite a bit.

What is common about these pictures is that they have all been cropped severely and then upsized to make them as you see them.  I can do this with the 24MP Fujifilm images.  It is this capability that enables me to use a wide or normal prime lens in place of a heavier zoom lens.  A prime lens works better for me when I walk with a cane.

Did you see the insect in the third picture, the one with the dandelion and a few leaves?  Look below the dandelion on the blade of grass.  It might be a tick.  This will probably be a bad year for us with so many ticks.  The weather has been good for them.

Another thing in common with these pictures is that I used the optical viewfinder (OVF) to see and compose the original full size images.  I was wearing sunglasses and the image in the electrical viewfinder (EVF) was too dark to see the little things so I switched to the optical viewfinder.  I rarely use the OVF but it really is handy to have when you need it.

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  1. bkcitta

    Had to go back to view small insect! Glad you pointed it out!! Love the photo of your feet and tiny flower on ground!! Fantastic photo!