Hanover 170504

These are some more images that I am making of Hanover, PA.  I am striving to practice observational photography based on what I see in and about Hanover in the year 2017.  I have no preconceived ideas of what I will photograph as I go to different areas and walk around.  Usually I see scenes that remind me of the past, i.e. they are echoes of the past.

The pictures that I have been showing, and will continue to be showing, in this blog are basically just ideas and examples as I develop a better understanding of what I see.  In some cases I will return to the same areas and attempt to view from a different direction and on some days I will look for wide angle images of the streets and buildings and at other times I might concentrate on up close details.

These pictures are from my major project for this year which is to photograph portions of Hanover.  I hope to make thousands of images and then select a few around a theme and publish them in a photo book.