Camera Update … Back to Pentax

170507-102443-17JEHAs has been my practice, I have been selling and changing cameras.  For a long time, I kept trying to find one camera that satisfied me for the variety of pictures I make.  I have never found one.  I then tried to find a pair of cameras with the same controls, etc. so that I wouldn’t have to remember how to use one after having been photographing with the other for an extended period.  Again, I never found a pair I liked that I could afford that did everything from one manufacturer.

Since I have also tried, not always successfully, to not write as much about the technical details of my cameras, lenses, and techniques, I thought that I would write this post to bring you up to date if you are interested.  If not, you can stop reading.

I am currently using a DSLR again for a weather resistant outdoor camera.  I went back to an old favorite of mind, a Pentax DSLR.  I purchased the Pentax K-3 II and two lenses, the 55-300mm PLM WR zoom lens and the 18-135mm WR lens; but I also have the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens on order.  I primarily plan to use my Pentax gear for flowers, wildlife, etc.; i.e. my field camera.  In the past I found a DSLR and lenses too heavy, but I think I can handle them now, especially since I am not venturing that far from home or car.  I also intend to use this gear for my run-and-shoot system when a neighbor calls and says there is an XXX on the pond, or an accident on the road, or a fire at XXX, etc.

To afford the above, I sold my Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera.  It was the best, most capable camera I ever owned, but was around the same weight and size of the K-3 II with lenses and I didn’t need two such cameras.  While the X-Pro2 was WR, the 55-200mm zoom lens wasn’t WR.  I like the weight, size and focal range of the Pentax 55-300mm lens better, even though it isn’t as fast, nor does it have the same image quality.

While the X-Pro2 and my lenses were great for my Homewood indoors and tour photography, my Fujifilm X-E2s is smaller and lighter and when used with the 27mm pancake lens, it is a great travel/tour combination.   I will continue to use Fujifilm gear for my indoor and travel photography.  The main issue with the X-E2s vs the X-Pro2 is the 16MP sensor vs. the 24MP sensor.  If they produce a new X-E style camera with the 24MP sensor I might think about upgrading if I need the longer Fuji lenses, but I have another idea.

170507-105214-17JEHWhile I am currently OK, it doesn’t mean that I am through making changes.  I keep thinking that if I could do most of my Homewood indoor and tour photography with an effective 35mm lens, I could also replace the X-E2s and all my Fuji lenses with the Fujifilm X100F.  That would help me simplify and get rid of six Fuji lenses, etc.  I love the Fuji gear, but smaller and lighter is better.  I had a Fuji X100 when they first came out and I would like to go back to that small camera now that they have the new 24MP sensor along with the focusing improvements.