I Interpret Copies


A photograph starts as nothing but a copy of reality; i.e., it looks like it did at a moment in time which is the copying aspect of it … assuming nothing was added or removed.  But, all pictures are interpretations of how it looked through different eyes.  If you are color blind I’m sure you don’t see the way I do.

The first interpretation that is made by a photographer is based on what they decided to photograph.  I tend to photograph almost anything I see.  There isn’t much that is out of bounds other than for privacy reasons.

Some would call this art, but that is a personal thing.  I don’t refer to my pictures as art.  Art is something you create from nothing.  It may be based on what you have seen but in the case of two-dimensional art you started with a blank page.  Pictures aren’t created that way.  They always start from a copy even though they may be altered by adjusting exposure, changing contrast, colors, etc.  Altering a copy doesn’t make it art in my mind.

I am not an artist, nor am I a photographer.  I am a copier.  The only thing different between you and I is what and how we chose to see and show the copy.

Maybe you would prefer an image like the following with lots of grain and no color.  It is still a copy but with a different style of interpretation.


If you aren’t aware.  It is still cool and raining and I’m scratching for ideas.