Ricoh GR II’s High Contrast B&W

These images are an experiment.  I walked around a block, in addition to driving around, in Hanover during a light mist or drizzle with solid cloud cover.  I tried the Ricoh GR II camera with the high contrast B&W jpeg setting.  The only changes I made were to shift the exposure some on the images made from inside the car through tinted glass.

I’m still thinking about if, how, and when to use this effect … and wondering what my pictures of Ireland would have looked like if made with this camera.  The Ricoh GR II is a nice little camera if you can manage photography with a fixed 28mm lens.  Using this style of jpeg image certainly displays things differently.

I tried this style around Homewood, with foliage, etc. and I didn’t like it.  It works better in town in a grittier higher contrast environment.  It is also a lot different from a preset I built for my style of high contrast B&W.