Roger, R.I.P.

My friend Roger died this morning.  I’ll remember him as first a photographer who became a priest, but mostly as my friend.  He was a friend who encouraged me to just go out and make B&W images.  He wasn’t really interested in what camera I used.  My latest and best camera wasn’t important to him.  The only thing he encouraged me to do was to just go photograph what I saw … but make sure it was in B&W.  He was the only person at Homewood who encouraged me to make monochrome images.

An hour after I learned of his death, I took my smallest, oldest, pocket camera and made these images in B&W as I thought about the many talks we had about politics, life, and photography over a beer.  I will miss those talks.

As Roger encouraged me to make pictures, I encouraged him to write, and helped him set up a blog.  You can read about the outgrowth of many of our talks on his blog … A View From an Open Rectory Window, by clicking here.  You might want to bookmark his site as there are many, many hours of reading on it.


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