New Project Wanted


I need a change relative to my personal blog photography, and I’m not sure what that will be.  I may post less often as I think about it and look for something different, so don’t be surprised if gaps of varying lengths occur.

I have opportunities for making images of Homewood at Plum Creek events, etc. but many of those images aren’t suitable for my blog.  I’m looking for new ideas to pursue daily that can be posted on my blog.  I may just have to work at making more artful snippets of happenings around here.  I have done that to a degree in the past, but it is hard to make meaningful images that way.

Just posting pictures of what I see in the same limited area isn’t as satisfying anymore.  For years, my personal challenge has been to just keep looking and posting pictures as often as I could.  Those photos have primarily been views of what I see daily, but I have tried to capture scenes that others might have missed, and to process them to emphasize their uniqueness.  For example, the above is a snippet of this morning’s sunrise.

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