Form vs. Function

I have continued to dither back and forth relative to many aspects of my photography.  One of my longest ongoing battles has been switching back and forth as to whether I like the gear or the experience of taking lots of pictures more.  Should I just use the camera and lens I like best and only photograph what I can with them, or should I strive to make the greatest variety of images which requires different cameras and lenses.

Going with the decision to use the gear I like drives me towards prime lenses and cameras with form factors like the Fujifilm X-E2s.  Going with maximum flexibility leads me towards multiple cameras including DSLR cameras and long lenses as well as the Fujifilm cameras.

This morning I have been looking at the Olympus Pen-F camera and micro 4/3 prime lenses just because I like their size, etc.  I think that micro 4/3 gear is right-sized; but unfortunately, the image quality isn’t as nice as Fujifilm’s; therefore, I am currently using the X-E2s with the 60mm lens as a compromise.  Should I continue with Fujifilm gear, or should I switch back to micro 4/3 gear with smaller prime lenses, image stabilization, poorer image quality, etc.?

When I make images like above that I made this morning, I tend to move back towards image quality and a more limited number of opportunities subject wise.  At least for my personal photography, I am using the X-E2s camera with its APS size sensor with the 60mm lens more and more often.  I find that using this setup along with the Ricoh GR II gives me the size/weight and image quality attributes that I prefer; but that they force me to photograph things that are closer to me.