1. Diana Kordas

    Trees are dying everywhere. I live in Greece and trees of all species are simply drying up and dying. This has been accelerating at an enormous rate in the past year or two. The forestry authorities have tested for fungi and insects and found no cause that can explain so many tree deaths among so many species.

    However, I believe there is an explanation for what is happening. This will not be popular with many people, but there is a lot of research showing that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cellphone masts and towers has serious impacts on trees and plants as well as birds. The reason the problem has been accelerating is that we have moved quite quickly from 2G to 3G to 4G, and there are plans to introduce 5G within the next 3 years. Each move, from one generation of mobile telephony/internet to another, represents a gigantic increase in radiation. We, and nature, are being exposed to this radiation without our consent regardless of the consequences. Governments are saying that this radiation is safe when there is ample evidence that it is not.

    I became interested in the effects of EMR when the island where I live went 4G and all the birds disappeared in the area of the cell towers. Now trees in that vicinity are drying up and dying, virtually overnight. I just returned from a 3 month trip to northern Greece, where I saw dying forests everywhere (they were not dying 3 years ago when I last went) and a proliferation of cell phone masts and towers that has to be seen to be believed. Virtually every species of tree is affected. The worst areas are where wireless signals are in the 4G and 4G+ range, and coincidentally these areas have virtually no birds either. Critically important birding areas like the Evros Delta and the Nestos Delta have no birds and dying trees, but plenty of wireless signal.

    Obviously, if trees keep dying at this rate the world we know will be dead, and we will not long survive the desertification of our planet. I urge you to read an article by Alfnso Balmori entitled “The Effects of the Microwave Radiation on the Trees and Other Plants”. There is a lot of research out there and it can be found easily. A good base site is oscillatorium.com.

    The worst thing about electromagnetic radiation is that it renders organisms vulnerable to other problems. In that it is like AIDS: people don’t die of AIDS, but fall prey to other diseases because AIDS has weakened their immune systems.

    I urge everyone to think about this, research the subject and call on governments everywhere to put an end to the cell tower madness that is endangering us and the planet we live on. It is too heavy a price to pay to be able to access the internet on your smartphone wherever you are. Such device distraction prevents people from looking around them to see what is and is not in the real world. Trees are real. We need them. Without trees we will die. Think about it.


    • John Holmes

      I am not so sure of this effect, but it could be easily studied. In my experience the trees are more likely to be dying due to increased global warming. We still have areas in the U.S. that have little to no cell phone coverage or have just recently gotten it; but yet the trees are dying there also. Deep in the national forests the adverse affects of insects have been on the increase further and further north as the average and night-time temperatures have been rising. Bird populations have also been on the decline due to decreases in food sources as the human populations have increased.


      • John Holmes

        If you look at the site suggested by Diana, you find that they have a lot of maps that seem to show correlations between EMF spread/increases and a whole bunch of other things. That is not good science. Correlation does not always relate to cause and effect.


      • Diana Kordas

        You might read the Balmori article before deciding. I totally agree that too many things are being attributed to EMR, and that many problems including tree deaths and bird population declines are multi-factorial. All the problems of the world are not down to EMR, though I am personally convinced it is a large contributory factor. The site contains some very interesting articles, nonetheless.

        You believe that trees are dying due to increased global warming. Surely dying trees are going to increase global warming exponentially, thus leading to more global warming and more dying trees? Of course it doesn’t do any good to keep chopping rainforests down to grow oil palms, either. Palm oil seems to be an ingredient in virtually every processed and ready food these days, and in spite of much piety and many pronouncements from governments allegedly devoted to preventing climate change, I don’t see anyone banning palm oil any more than they are banning cell towers. And while we’re on the subject, virtually every cleaning product and detergent carries a warning label that it is destructive to the environment. I don’t see governments stopping manufacturers from producing them. (By the way, I use baking soda to clean, which works just fine, and won’t touch any product containing palm oil).

        When I look around me, I see a correlation between proliferating cell towers, lack of brd life, and dying forests. Coincidence? Maybe. But at another important bird site, Lake Kerkini (which also has many new cell towers) they went to court to keep the signal weaker. Lake Kerkini has more birds than anywhere else in northern Greece, and I didn’t see dying trees there, either. Coincidence?

        Almost all the sites dealing with EMR are run by so-called electrosensitive individuals. However, many of the studies are worth reading, and I think that government regulation with regard to the safety of EMR is biased in favour of the telecommuncations industry. The economic future of the world is based on wireless, and if wireless proves to be killing our planet there is going to be the mother of all financial crashes.

        Final point. Say the jury is still out with regard to EMR and trees, birds and other wireless. Shouldn’t we enact the precautionary principle and be sure we aren’t killing the planet before we proceed toa totally wireless 5G world?