Why Make Pictures?


I am going through a rationalization period again where I am trying to figure out why I take pictures and why post them in this blog.  Maybe because I was educated as an engineer, I have mostly been interested in the cameras, lenses, and processing software; but now I don’t find that to be sufficient.

I scream at myself after I have made another image of a sunset or sunrise.  Why did I make it?  I am tired of them; but I can’t seem to not make them.  After I have made another one I find myself going ahead and posting it because I know some of my viewers like them.  I’m not sure why they like them.  Maybe it is because they don’t look outside at the sky at the beginning and end of each day the way I do.

Over the years as I searched for what I wanted to do with photography, I went through many phases, and many, many different cameras and lenses.  I used to think that if I had different gear that I could find different types of images to make and that variety would lead me towards the realization of what I liked to make.  Currently I have the following cameras:  Pentax K-3 II, Fuji X-E2s, Ricoh GR II, and of course the iPhone 6 that I used to make this image.  The problem is that having different gear hasn’t been the answer.


Trying a variety of gear has enabled me to make lots of pictures as I played with the gear and those are mostly the images that I have posted.  In addition to those images, I have made a lot of pictures at Homewood events, etc. that I haven’t been able to post.  For example, I have four events to photograph for Homewood yet this month.

What I really need to do is come up with some projects that create pictures that are suitable for posting in this blog.  I am tired of mainly photographing flowers, skies, etc.  I need a purpose in photographing for myself and that leads me to wonder, what is a good purpose for this blog?  I have other outlets, publications, books, etc. for my Homewood photography.  Maybe I need to think about “why blog” rather than why make pictures.

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