Photo Therapy #2

I have been reworking some of my pictures that I took in Egypt with a small (1/2.3) sensor bridge camera and have been surprised at the quality of them.  That reminded me that I have been neglecting using my Olympus TG-4 waterproof pocket camera.

There are few things I do for fun.  I like to use smaller less expensive cameras that I can carry in a pocket, and make B&W or color images that I can process in LR.  The above images were made from TG-4 color jpeg pictures.  I then imported them into LR and used what has become my favorite preset to create what you see above.  These are a collection of images that I made while walking Misty this morning.  I chose them to capture a variety of different distances, exposures, focal lengths, etc. to make sure that my preset worked as I expected.

As you can see in the second picture above, I have a drawer full of cameras that I primarily use for photographing Homewood events.  I also have, in another drawer, my Pentax K-3 II and lenses which I don’t use as much anymore.  In addition, I have my iPhone6 and the TG-4.

No camera solves my main problem.  My biggest problem isn’t having the right camera.  My problem is lack of interesting subjects/things to photograph.  I really need to figure out how to do something about getting to the right places at the right time, if I knew what/where they were.