Prime Lenses Preferred

I was checking out my latest lens, the Fuji 50mm F2 when I made the above images.  I would like to use my Fuji X-T2 with three prime lenses for some of my Homewood photography, the 23mm, 35mm, and the 50mm.  Since most of my event photography is similar and in known locations, I know ahead of time what will be necessary and just take one or two lenses. The main reason I would like to use prime lenses more is because they are lightweight, small, good, and fast.  In addition, some of my photography here at Homewood requires F2 aperture due to the lighting.  I can use the 18-55mm zoom lens when I need greater DoF and the zoom range.

I am in the process of moving my personal photography to prime lenses.  My usual procedure is to go out walking with only one lens.  Around Homewood that will likely be the XF 50mm F2 WR.  Depending where else I go, it could be one of the other two lenses, and sometimes all three with a bag.  My Ricoh GR II and the TG-4 are for those times when I want a just-in-case camera in a pocket.

This arrangement, with either two or three prime lenses isn’t as light as a feather, but it is quite manageable here at activities and events and while walking around on tours, etc.  The main advantage of prime lenses for me is that I can often use one hand and shoot quickly when walking with a cane.