Hanover, PA … Roots in the Past

Hanover is rich with history going back before the American Revolution.  As I have been thinking about themes that I might use to organize my pictures from around the Borough, I considered using the historical events, etc. as a theme.  One could do a book on just the Civil War era, but I’m not.  There is quite a collection of old pictures of Hanover, so I’m not going to use that theme; as least not the old history.  I hope to somehow utilize my pictures to capture the current era along with today’s problems.  I might use a theme based on “Echoes of the Past,” showing the conflict or contrasts of the past in today’s era.  I would like to show how it looks now with our roots still nurtured by the past; if I can figure out how to tell the story with pictures.  Even if I don’t succeed, it gives me something to think about.