This Morning’s Light

The above images certainly aren’t “paint by the numbers” productions, but they have been altered using LR to emphasize what I saw when I snapped the original pictures on my camera while I was walking Misty.  I had the X-T2 with the 35mm lens with me at the time.

The previous post shows the views from my back porch last evening.  I used the same camera and lens but the evening sky pictures were straight out of the camera with no changes made afterwards.  I like both approaches for posting pictures, and I know I have viewers who prefer one approach over the other.

My preference is to take lots of pictures and process them according to the scene, how I feel, and what I want the picture to say to you.  Yes, that also means that sometimes I think monochrome is better suited for all the previous reasons.  There are times when color is required and there are times when color just gets in the way of expressing the emotion of the image.  Since I like to process images, I will continue to try to keep learning and trying different approaches; i.e., different horses for different courses.