Red Oxx Chica Bag for Camera

170715-103947-17JEHI have been searching for a minimalist camera bag that I could use while photographing to carry my Fujifilm X-T2 camera along with three prime lenses plus any mail that I find in my box.  My problem was finding a bag that was light and just big enough that I could carry close to my body while walking in among people.  I also wanted a bag that didn’t have Velcro since I find it noisy and it sticks to other things.  (I like to sometimes leave the flap folded back so that I can easily put things in and out of the bag while I’m working.)  After much searching, I finally found the perfect bag.

I purchased the Chica bag from Red Oxx company.  The bag which is made in the U.S. is not a camera bag, but I found that a Domke F-230 insert that I had fits in it nicely and then it makes the perfect camera bag for my gear.  The bag also has a slot inside where I can put mail, etc. and it has two zippered sections for miscellaneous stuff like extra battery and memory cards, etc.

You can read about and buy the bag from Red Oxx web site by clicking here.  They come in lots of colors.  The one I purchased is the color “coal”.  I like it.  I should mention that I also have several other bags of theirs that I have used while traveling.  They are basic sturdy bags that hold up well.