The Journey

Life is about the journey, not what happens afterward.  Photography is the same way.  I enjoy the journey, the trying of cameras and lenses, the learning process, the finding of things to photograph, the making of the image, etc.  Once the image is made, I tend to move on to the next thing.

I have tried over and over to simplify my cameras and lenses, even get down to one camera and one lens, and failed.  I have sold gear, and then later bought the same gear.  The problem is that if I settle down with one system, or one way of processing, or one way of displaying my picture, it would be over.  The journey would be over.

It was the same with my career.  I kept changing tasks, learning new things, and moving on to do different things.  My career eventually evolved to be one of change.  Either I changed or I convinced others of the need to change.  I became a change agent.

While it gets harder to afford new gear and try new things with my photography, to not try would mean that I had decided that the journey was over.  And it isn’t over yet.  I am going to try some different gear, some different processing, etc.  One thing that is different this time is that I am not going to sell everything and move to a new camera.  Due to costs, etc., I am going to add a less expensive used camera to my Fujifilm camera and lenses; one that I have owned and used and left behind twice in my journey.  I have another micro 4/3 system coming.

Once I have a working micro 4/3 system I may rebuild a collection of lenses, etc. I plan to sell my Pentax DSLR and lenses.  I am going to attempt to recover an ability to utilize long focal length zoom lenses with a lighter weight, smaller, micro 4/3 system, and then sell the heavy, larger Pentax system.

My journey may be going back and forth or round and round, but it is not over.  I just cannot give up the journey.  This time, what is different is that I hope to work with different ways of processing the micro 4/3 files, and also look for different subjects.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll search for something different.