Three Cameras, One Hawk


This morning a hawk set for a long time on a fence post across from our house by a pond.  A neighbor called to tell me it was there.  It wasn’t visible from my house so I crabbed an Olympus E-P5 with the 14-150mm lens on it and took the first two pictures.  Note the cardinal sitting near the hawk.  I used the E-P5 with that lens since I had it in my hand when the neighbor called.

I then went back to the house and picked up the Pentax K-3 II with the 55-300mm lens and went back and took the third picture.  Since the hawk wasn’t moving I thought that this was a good chance to compare three cameras, so I went back a third time with the Fuji X-T2 with the 55-200mm lens.  I also walked around to try and get different views of it’s one leg pulled up against its body.

The pictures were jpegs except for the K-3 II image.  It was raw and processed to match.  Obviously, the E-P5 micro 4/3 images are the worse since the sensor is smaller, older, and only 16MP, and the lens I used is an all-purpose long zoom lens at its maximum reach of an effective 300mm.  The Pentax and Fuji cameras are both 24MP and the respective lens focal lengths were effective 450mm and 300mm.  I didn’t take the pictures from the same location and the first Olympus image was cropped and up-sized.

The time on the Olympus images are an hour early.  I just noticed that.  I am trying the E-P5 camera and the multi-purpose lens to use for a smaller walk-about system.  I just acquired it yesterday so I have a lot of checking to still do.  I’ll be writing about it in later posts.