Sign of the Times


The above picture is definitely a sign of the times.  At least some of us, even at Homewood, and some other countries think so; but not Trump.  I made the above picture here at Homewood at Plum Creek.

Note that Volvo (now owned by a company in China) is going electric, and so is India, as is France.  You can click on the links and read about them.

It may be too late to prevent great disruptive changes in our climate and future economy, but we need to do all that we can now …. and much more in the future to adapt to major changes.   Read about some of the latest beliefs from the scientists by clicking here.  Don’t bother to look for what the current U.S. government believes.  It has its head in the sand while Trump is at the helm, but that will change.  The problem is that the longer we wait the more it will cost us.  The rest of the world is leaving us behind as they shift to sustainable electric power generation.