Pictures of Hanover

I am still trying to decide how to portray pictures of Hanover.  I also am not sure whether to restrict my images to the Borough or to range further out into the surrounding township.  I will continue to post a few images while I am still dithering.

The above were made with the Olympus E-P5 and the 14-150mm lens.  If I decide to either get the camera cleaned or replace it with another micro 4/3 camera I will have a smaller general-purpose walk-about setup.  I’ll probably keep using the camera until I decide its’ fate.  I do like the way the jpeg files work within LR, especially with the above styles.

The above images were made with my latest preferences for processing pictures of Hanover.  As I mentioned in my last post it is a style which I can use for either B&W or color.  I would also like to point out that I am looking for a style that will print well if I make a book of Hanover pictures.  I will wait until I assemble a set of book pictures before I pick the final style and whether it will be color or B&W.  It will depend upon what pictures I use, the theme, emotion, etc. that I decide upon.