Using an Olympus Zoom to Protect my Back

One reason that I like a long zoom lens that is small enough to carry while I do my daily walks is that I use it to take flower pictures.  I have a bad back and my bending is restricted due to hardware inserted in my back during a previous surgery.  One of the reasons for my blog is to show people who live here at Homewood the things that they didn’t or couldn’t see.  This often requires that I get up close to the flowers and other things and an effective 28-300mm lens lets me do that without bending.  This is the best wide-ranging zoom lens that I have ever used.  Another thing that makes it so good is the very good image stabilization in the latest Olympus cameras.  I had an older version of this lens mounted on an older camera and I didn’t like the combination and rarely used it.  It’s a lot different now.

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