Getting There

I have been learning about the technicalities of the Olympus Pen-F camera and lenses, and learning what I can do with them as well as how to best process the images.  These images are some that I like with B&W images.  Using the micro 4/3 lenses and small apertures give me plenty of depth of field and allows me to create images like the ones above.  For those who are interested, I did not use the in-camera monochrome settings to make these B&W images.  They are my own choices based on the capabilities with using Adobe Lightroom.

I am already running out of things to check or learn, but I still have a long way to go in practicing with the controls so that I can operate the camera without thinking about it so much.  The last two images are ones that I made inside my computer room.  While I am enjoying settling down with using my smaller camera and lenses, I’m still searching for ideas of what to photograph other than activities here at Homewood at Plum creek, and most of those images are not suitable for displaying on my blog, nor do most of the residents want to see B&W images.