Walk with a Camera

As some of my neighbors have noted, I have been taking exercise walks around Homewood without a camera lately.  When I walk with a camera I have often made images like these.  Some are worthwhile for displaying, all have been taken as I try different ideas for taking and processing images.  The problem is that I have been doing it for over five years while I walked the same few paths and streets within Homewood and I have about exhausted the opportunities.

As I mentioned in the last post, I am trying to do something different with my photography.  One change is to try to become more deliberate with my photography; therefore, I am not always carrying a camera.  I have been shifting to sometimes only taking a good camera out and making pictures when I have a definite photographic goal in mind.  I’ll still sometimes take a small pocket camera, and I always have my cell phone in my pocket when walking, and even occasionally I will take one of my better cameras when walking just in case I see something.

Next, I hope to make some processing changes and eventually find some different things to photograph.