Using High Contrast B&W for Hanover


One big question I have is how to process images of Hanover.  I have been trying many different ways of processing the images and have never found one I really like.  One of the problems is that the images are very busy and using color can add to the chaotic scene.  I have been looking for a single style for my Hanover pictures and I haven’t found one.  Maybe it is because there are many themes.  If I make a book, should I show the pictures in B&W, muted color, high contrast color, etc.?

One of the issues within Hanover is that all of the infrastructure is old and badly in need of upgrading.  This applies to everything from power and communication overhead lines to water and gas lines under the roads, to sidewalks, to bridges, rail lines, and the roads … and many of the buildings.  Maybe I can use high contrast B&W to show the character of these situations.  B&W works well to eliminate everything but the many overhead lines that are constantly being worked on as in the above picture.  The question is, can I, do I, want to use this technique for other features?