Every Day


Every day, I make at least one picture.  Sometimes they make it to my blog, sometimes they get trashed, and sometimes they get stored on my computer.  The process contributes to my sanity since I enjoy making the pictures which sometimes occurs over many hours as I try different processing.  I made the above picture by taking a picture through the window behind my computer early last Saturday.

I have tried to analyze why I take certain pictures, but I don’t come up with a single answer, nor do I have one way of processing them.  I try to just make what appeals to me, for whatever reason.  I photograph intuitively.

An equally often unknown thought is what to do with the images.  So far, this year, I have kept over 1600 such images.  These are in addition to my Homewood pictures and images I have been making of Hanover.  The majority of the more interesting ones have made it to my blog.  When things slow down this winter, I might see if I can find enough of them that are related in some way and publish them in a book.  I could probably make a book of just what I have viewed through this window.