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I get up before dawn and eat breakfast every day.  The first image is of the electric tea kettle heating water.  I liked the way the power light looked.  The second image is of the sun starting to cross the horizon.  The cross bars are the venation blinds.  Look closely and you will find some geese flying in.  The third picture was also taken through the windows, but this window had a screen in addition to the blinds and glass.  They all add visual interest.

The fourth picture is of a small weed growing alongside of a sidewalk.  It was less than an inch in diameter, a lot smaller than it looks here.  I was on my morning walk when I spotted it.  The picture of the China Wall was made from the car as I waited while Marcia took Misty to the groomer.  Most of the rest of the day I cruised the web on my computer as I waited for the delivery of an Olympus 25mm f/1.8 lens to arrive. The last picture was made right outside our front door.

To a large extent, my personal photography has become nothing but a visual diary of what I saw each day.  I often take 30 to 50 pictures in a day.  Mostly I like to practice processing the images and seeing the different ways I can display them.  Since I use LR, I can redo them over and over.  I still have qualms about showing them on the web, but some seem to want to see them.  To me, they are just recyclable pallets for playing on.  In the above images, I used them to work on some techniques for emphasizing and/or deemphasizing some colors slightly in manners that I find pleasing.  At least that was the case yesterday.  I change my mind from day to day.