Beauty or Rust

Is it beauty or is it just rust and decay?  In the past, I found beauty in most things.  I just needed the right frame of mind or perspective.  It is much harder in these times.  We have so much decline or decay in everything from politics to infrastructure to economics to standards of living, etc. that it is hard to find beauty or the good times.

At times, I thought my view was changing because I was getting older and more cynical, but I don’t believe that any longer.  The United States seems to be in decline.  No, it isn’t continuous.  We often have years of hope and improvement, but then we get lax and stupid and don’t seem to care and we roll over into another period of going down the hill.  The worst part is that the overall long-term situation seems to be on the decline … at least when it comes to politics, knowledge, and education.  The more that we chase the fast, easy money, the more we slip, and the longer and more expensive it will be to recover, if we do.

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