Power Off

170912-150956-17JEHWhat will you do when your power goes off for a long time?  It could happen.  Don’t say it won’t happen to you.  It could be caused by a major hurricane, or flooding, or winter snow storm, or terrorists, or war, or coronal mass ejection, or electromagnetic pulse, etc.

It isn’t just a matter of being in the dark.  You would have no communications, no heating, no cooling, no refrigeration for food, no stores open, no banks open, no gasoline to buy, no water supply, no workable sewage system, no hospitals open, no entertainment, no restaurants, etc.  If it were only for a few hours in a limited area it would probably not be much of a problem; but, if it is for weeks, or forever, how would you survive?

Hmmm, no photography for me.   Are you prepared?

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