Geese with Olympus 17mm Lens


I like carrying the small, lightweight Olympus 17mm f/1.8 lens on the Pen-F camera; but it creates limitations with compositions.  I am often pondering adapting my photography to fit the lens or using a zoom lens to photograph whatever, and the day I made these images I was checking (again) what I could do with the 17mm lens on the Pen-F camera.  I was walking Misty so I didn’t have much time to make the above image, but it worked using the camera in “P” mode.

Later I heard/saw another flock of geese in the distance and I quickly raised the camera and made the following image.  Using the EVF to compose the picture, I couldn’t see the geese that I knew were there.  Looking at the picture, you won’t see them either at first glance.  Knowing they should be there, I crop-zoomed the image on my computer.  The other picture below is a crop from the first one below.

Looking closely, I spotted the flock flying in the sunlight (at the top of the frame).  Looking harder I saw three more flying below the “V”, and then lower down below them the second “V”.  I hadn’t seen them when walking.  In order to really see them I upsized the crop to the version posted above.  These images give you an idea of the resolving power of the lens-camera combination.  I have no problem with the resolving power of this set-up with a micro 4/3 sensor.