Aimless Photography

170919-071106-17JEHMy photography breaks down, primarily, into two types.  One is to record Homewood events and functions, crafts, etc.  Those images need to match the actual conditions as close as possible and they don’t allow me much, if any, latitude in photo processing.  My photo processing is limited to correcting WB, adjusting exposures in dark or light areas, and cropping to enhance the composition.  That style of photography is not aimless.  It has a specific purpose and goal for processing.

The second type of photography is my personal photography.  Initially it started out as travel photography and lately it has become aimless other than checking and playing with cameras and processing.  I have no purpose for my personal photography unless it is to create images like the above for my blog.  I find it fun but limited since I don’t go where there are different things to photograph.  I have had to concentrate on looking for interesting skies or flowers, etc. and I have run out of ideas.  The image shown here is a bucket of garden trash.

The above two types of photography have caused me to end up with multiple cameras, primarily to give me more options for playing around with photography in order to have something to post in my blog.  Now that I have run out of ideas for what to photograph for my blog, the aimlessness of my personal photography bothers me, as does the fact that I have cameras and lenses sitting in drawers that are only used occasionally, some rarely.

The question is, “What can I do about it?”  I think it is time for me to lay out my options and then clarify what my goals are going to be going forward to minimize my aimless playing around since that is grinding to an end due to limited subjects, finances, etc.  I’m tired of photographing flowers, etc. unless I can do something different with them.