Ricoh GR II … Remarkable Small Camera

I have four cameras (Fujifilm X-T2, Olympus PEN-F, Ricoh GR II, and the Olympus TG-4) and I’m always searching for a better, smaller one, and at the same time I’m always looking for ways to simplify and/or reduce my gear.  Thinking about the coming winter, I am also wondering what I will be photographing when it is cold, wet, and windy outside.  As a result of these concerns of mine, I have been using all of my cameras lately and re-examining them and their capabilities.

As my outdoor photography winds down, I find that I only need a small pocket camera for an occasional image when walking, and the Ricoh GR II performs quite well. Since I don’t really take pictures in the snow and rain, I only need to carry a camera for when it stops, and the GR II fits in my pocket so it is easier to take out and use than the WR Fuji gear.

For my use, the GR II does have two short-comings.  One, it doesn’t handle auto WB well in low mixed light, but I can, and do, use LR to correct the WB.  The other feature which can at times be limiting is the fixed wide-angle lens, an effective 28mm, but I often can crop-zoom and enlarge sections of the image.  In addition, I sometimes use the wide-angle effectively by just changing what I photograph.

I made the above images in very low light to revisit how well I can use it for details in low light.  It does very well in low light and higher ISOs.  In addition, I am finding that I like using it at F2.8 aperture in the macro mode.  I’ll show you some of those results in a later post.  Another very important feature for me is the ability to use it with one hand; from carrying it to holding it, turning it on, and adjusting the exposure with no need to twist the lens to zoom.  And did I say, it’s very small and lightweight and easy to carry in a pocket!