Which Lens/Camera?


I prefer prime lenses since they are smaller, lighter, and make it easier to operate my camera with one hand.  I usually pick one and mount it on the camera before I go out.  Currently it is often the Olympus 17mm f/1.8.  I pick it since it is one of the smallest and is fast and has an effective 35mm focal length.  The only problem is that sometimes it is too wide.  I made the above picture when I drove by and saw the fisherman out in the lake.  He is hard to see in the above view, so I cropped and upsized to extract the following view from the above picture.

The day I made the above was a time when I wished I had the 14-150mm zoom lens mounted, but I was driving around and didn’t want that lens hanging from my neck strap as I drove.  As a possible remedy to using a heavier, larger zoom lens, I have ordered a hand grip for the Olympus PEN-F camera.  After it arrives, I will experiment with using the hand grip and a wrist strap and carrying the camera, with the lens mounted, in a small bag.


I often wish for a good, affordable, small, not too heavy, silent camera with image stabilization, a large sensor, lots of megapixels, and a small lightweight fast wide pancake prime lens on it.  If I had those I might only need one lens and one camera and then could crop-zoom to create the image desired.