Most of my pictures for the last week have been taken from a chair while sitting inside the house.  It at least has been a good time to think about cameras, lenses, and software.

Recognizing the need for me to continue on my path to reduce my photography gear, especially the weight, I have been thinking more about using prime lenses on the Olympus PEN-F.  My only constraint as I see it now is with a focal length of 12mm.  When I need to go that wide (effective 24mm), I have to use my Panasonic 12-35mm lens.  I think that my 75mm lens (used for the above pictures) will be sufficient for a long focal length lens for my Homewood pictures.

To go even lighter, I have ordered a Fujifilm X100F for a walk-about camera.  I’m currently leaning toward using the PEN-F with my current lenses for my longer focal length photography and using the X100F for a walk-about camera.  Depending on how well it works for me, it might also alter the type of pictures I make.

I am also considering replacing or expanding the software I use in my photography.  I plan to use some of my time this winter learning to do more with images and maybe expand my creativity.  The challenge is to keep changing.  To not try new things is the way to the end.