Shifting Down


I’m taking a little time out this morning as I make some adjustments in cameras.  I used my iPhone6 to make the above image this morning while I was out with Misty.

I am continuing my journey to shift down to smaller cameras and lenses.  At the moment, my Olympus PEN-F with multiple lenses is my large camera system.  My new Fujifilm X100F arrived yesterday and I’m still in the process of setting it up.  Later today I will box up my Ricoh GR II and sell it.  I am intending to use my X100F as my primary walk-about camera and back it up with my iPhone6 as my always with me pocket camera for the unexpected images.  I will keep the Olympus TG-4 for occasional pocket use during extreme weather and for making occasional extreme close-ups.  I am also still dithering about using the TG-4 rather than the iPhone6 since I can hold and use it easier with one hand.

My primary effort now is to see how much of my photography I can do with just the X100F.