Need to Change in 2018

Since I moved to Homewood at Plum Creek six years ago I have managed to make lots of pictures to use on this blog by photographing the flora and fauna, mostly the wild animals, insects, and wildflowers.  Since moving here I have noticed a definite, year by year decrease in my opportunities to continue making such pictures.  I no longer see deer along Plum Creek, nor the mink, etc.  I also use to see foxes, muskrats, snapping turtles, etc., but they are rare now.  There has also been a decrease in the song birds, types of ducks, etc.  These changes are due, in my opinion, to the continual clearing away of the natural areas along Plum Creek, etc.  In my opinion, they should be increasing the plantings and natural growth along the creek to stop the erosion.  It has gotten to the point where almost all grasses, shrubs, etc. are being removed, or cut to the ground each winter, and thus eliminating the environments suitable for sustaining wildlife.  This cutting has also modified the population of the wild plants still able to grow in the wet areas and has greatly reduced the variety of interesting plants and insects.  The birds and frogs, etc. have been declining and that means that the mosquito population will grow.

As a result of these changes, I feel it is necessary for me to either stop publishing my blog or to find other things to photograph since I need to create pictures and the opportunities are on the decline here at Homewood at Plum Creek.  Depending on what, or if I find other things to photograph for use in my blog, I will also have to think differently about what cameras and lenses I keep, or acquire, or sell.  Residents have already been noticing that I no longer take a camera with me when I take my walks around campus.  This is because I no longer see interesting things to photograph.

Frankly, I have to admit that this is a traumatic time for me since I don’t know what to do.  I have gotten comfortable limiting the majority of my photography to on campus; but the opportunities have slowly been disappearing.  Since I can no longer travel to exotic places to make travel or landscape pictures, I am at a loss.  It is going to mean that I either give up my hobby of photography or go elsewhere in the surrounding area and pursue other subjects.  It could also impact my photography of activities and events here at Homewood.  If I can no longer find images to display in my blog, I have no interest in continuing my hobby.  And even if I find an interest in other subjects off campus it may alter the types of cameras and lenses that I keep and thus reduce my ability to make some of my Homewood pictures.

My whole career has been devoted to changes … making my own, or leading others to make the right changes.  When pursuing change in the past I learned that half the battle is reaching a decision that change is necessary and then making a clean break with the old ways.  The second half is building a path to the future after setting a goal.  I have gotten half way, and am now going to work on the second half; but, I’m not sure that I can make the needed changes anymore.

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  1. shutterbug

    It’s sad, isn’t it? I see it here too – the destruction of trees and mini landscapes that were homes to wildlife…Maybe your pictures can help to be a voice, a before and after comparison to help people understand…