One Camera, One Prime Lens Picks

If I wanted to leave one lens on each camera and use multiple cameras for my personal photography, I would select the Olympus 45mm lens for the Olympus PEN camera, the Olympus 75mm lens for the Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera, and the Fujifilm X100F camera with its 23mm lens.  That combination gives me effective focal lengths of 35mm, 90mm, and 150mm, with relatively fast lenses, and in small easily held, discreet camera-lens combinations.

All of the above pictures were made with the PEN camera and the 45mm f/1.8 lens.  I really like the images that I make with the 45mm lens, usually at large apertures and low ISO values.  With this setup, I tend to prefer just making raw files and then using LR to convert them to jpegs and only using the Adobe settings; i.e. not using the Olympus natural or vivid, or monochrome camera calibrations.

I haven’t decided why, but with the X100F I prefer the in-camera Acros jpegs, and with the 75mm lens on the E-M1 Mark II, I most often make vivid color images.  In addition to the differences between the lenses and cameras, I think my preferences are also driven by what I tend to photograph with each combination.

If you are wondering why I’m thinking this way, it is due to a feeling that I should reduce from the three cameras that I have been using down to just one or two.  I haven’t been able to make a decision and I have been considering different reasons or conditions that influence my choices.  If I had to select one camera to cover most of my work, I would choose the most versatile one, the E-M1 Mark II.  What I would choose for a two-camera setup is the most perplexing decision; i.e. sell the PEN or the X100F.  Maybe the fact that I haven’t sold one is an indication that I have made a decision.

In addition, there is the iPhone 6 which I used to make the following image.  Its advantage is that it is pocketable and most folks don’t pay much attention when you take pictures with it.  This image has been processed quite a bit since I wanted to see how much could be done with it in such light.