Rugged, Little, Pocket Camera


I used my Olympus TG-4 to make this picture, and took the picture through a not-so-clean tinted windshield of my car.  I have owned many different weather resistant pocket cameras and have used them in the blowing sand in the desert, or in the rain in the Amazon jungles, or snow ever since I started my photography hobby.  Even though I have bigger, cameras and lenses with better image quality, I still enjoy using the TG-4 occasionally to see what I can make with it.

I keep thinking of getting the TG-5, a newer version of this Olympus camera which is on sale currently, but I keep wondering why.  I use the TG-4 very rarely now, but I’m thinking about how I might make more use of it.  I could use it for making up-close color pictures, even with flash like this next one in very dark conditions.  Or I could use it in macro to really get up closer like in the last two.