Shifting Direction


Since my opportunities for making pictures decline greatly this time of year, I’m looking in another direction.  I have been looking back through my older pictures and I’m thinking about making another book with some of my travel images.

I never did much with some pictures I took in northern Mexico back in 2008.  The problem is that the pictures were taken with two Canon cameras that only had 1/ 2.5 CCD sensors that were 6 and 7 MP.  Those jpeg files don’t have much to work with.  They were a lot worse than those made by my Olympus TG-4 that I used to make the above image.  If I use the old pictures from Mexico, I might print them as B&W images since that enables me to enhance them more than in color … at least it is easier.

I am also trying to come up with some different approaches for making some images as a way of continuing my photography this winter.  All of this is just to say that you should either not expect as many posts for a while, or maybe see something different.