Another World

It is cold and windy outside so I have been staying inside.  I made the above images with my TG-4 by taking pictures between the blind slats and through the windows.

Every year, at this time of year, I spend most of my photography time thinking and experimenting.  I have always had this nagging thought that photography should serve a purpose but I am never sure about the pictures for my blog.

I also take time to think about what I would like to get if I were to buy a different camera or lenses, but this year I’m not in the mood to buy anything, so I shift my thoughts to whether, and how, I should use my different cameras.  If I were to think of my photography as just a visual record of my life, I often think about the idea of just using the TG-4 to record it.  The problem is that my life is quite mundane, or boring, since I don’t do anything different or exciting.

I also like to challenge myself just to have something different to do, and using the TG-4 certainly is a challenge sometimes.  Just because I haven’t been posting many pictures doesn’t mean that I’m not making pictures.  I still try to make 20 to 30 images every day, but I mostly just trash them when I’m through.  My most recent attempts to use the TG-4 have resulted in only using ISO 200 and then trying the jpeg files in various color and monochrome variations.  When I make the TG-4 images, I usually beat myself up and revert back to using my micro 4/3 gear; but, I still prefer the challenge and the fun of just using a small pocket camera, and I will probably continue using it some for fun.  Hmmm, wasn’t my purpose for making my personal pictures just to have fun … something that contrasts with the use of my more capable cameras and lenses when making pictures for Homewood publications?