Prime vs. Zoom; X100f vs. E-M1 Mark II

I used both the Fujifilm X100F and the Olympus E-M1 Mark II with the 14-150mm zoom lens this morning.  I wanted to compare a cropped and upsized X100F image against the micro 4/3 zoom lens, and see how both images looked when using Silver Efex Pro 2 to process them.  The first, or widest image above was the X100F image at f/2 with the 23mm lens (effective 35mm), and the second, or narrowest view was made with the micro 4/3 gear at f/5.5 at 80mm zoom (effective 160mm).

I’m not going to make any profound statements relative to the differences, but I will note that I doubt most of my viewers will note any major differences when used in my blog at my normal size for posting.  In my opinion, the differences are primarily in the focal lengths and ease of carrying and use of the camera-lens combinations.