Another Look at Utility of X100F Camera


I continue to probe the limits of an X100F camera.  After looking at some of my comparison images made with micro 4/3 gear, I decided to take a closer look at details made with the X100F.  I had previously looked at up-close images made with Acros at F2 so this time I tried Classic Chrome F4 images.  In the above image, I took a picture at the closest focus limit and then cropped it and then upsized it, a lot.  I was using it to look at some flaws and characteristics of some old glass in a small (two inches high) antique pitcher.  I sat the pitcher on some black cloth and used a LED pen light held in my left hand to help light it while I hand held the camera in my right hand.

This is probably more about the capability of the raw files and the computer software used to process the image.  I used Adobe LR Classic and upsized the image with ON1 Resize 1, but the fundamental first requirement was to get the image with the X100F.