Augmented Reality


This time of the year the weather is usually either dreary, and/or windy, and/or cold, and/or snowy, and/or rainy.  In addition, I tend to hunker-down and stay away from people to prevent getting the flu, or a cold.  Should I also mention that it is boring and that there is little to do but read and do a few household chores.  I don’t watch, can’t stand to watch, TV with all of the commercialism and political posturing.

I was returning from emptying our recycling when I decided to take a picture of the sky.  The clouds were a little interesting and I thought it might be fun to view them from the camera’s viewpoint.  Since the camera was pointed at the sun, it obviously dropped the exposure so that the image didn’t look like what my eye was seeing, but that was OK since I didn’t want to see it as I saw it.

My main reason for the above picture was to get something I could work with using LR software.  It is my version of “having fun.”