I am using this picture to illustrate a difference in preferences between myself and many of my local viewers.  Some of my local viewers tend to think in terms of what they have gotten used to seeing over the years.  In my mind, these are basically snapshots or record or documentary pictures like the first version shown above.  Fortunately, we do have some resident artists who don’t think that way and who are more in line with my preferences for seeing images of details etc. that are representations of how we think or like to present it.

I try to present a mix of styles for different purposes.  My photography for Homewood publications, etc. are of the documentary style while more of my images for my blog are representations of what I saw or thought.  These differences also sometimes drive me towards acquiring and using different cameras, but I try to own cameras and lenses that are applicable for making both styles of images, at least sometimes.

The biggest problem for me while making both styles of pictures is that it grates against my desire to have and use only one camera with a single lens.  In addition, I prefer a small camera, pocketable if possible.  Being able to cover the different requirements of photography here at Homewood keeps driving me to trying and owning multiple cameras and lenses; but, I keep seeking a way to “get by” with less.  I keep wondering if the Fujifilm X100F could be the camera.  It requires that I make compromises with some of my photography and not photograph the same things or way I have done in the past, but it comes closest, so far, with being a one and only camera.  In the meanwhile, I intend to keep using what I have, all of them.  I’ll keep switching back and forth, depending upon what I’m trying to do, with either the Olympus E-M1 Mark II, the Fuji X100F, or an Olympus waterproof, drop proof, pocketable camera.