Zoom Tip for TG-5


Last Evening’s Sky

When using the Olympus TG-5, I most often seem to select the 18mm focal length (effective 100mm) at maximum zoom.  I also tend to turn the camera off when I’m not using it, even in-between images while walking.  This creates a minor annoyance since I have to wait while I zoom the lens all the way out.  This morning I discovered a compromise.  I turn the camera on, zoom out the lens, and then let the camera go to sleep after one minute while I’m looking for a composition.  This morning it was while waiting for geese to fly past the window.  When I heard them, I just tapped the shutter button and the camera came to life, and the lens was still in the farthest zoom location, so I didn’t have to wait for the lens to move to 18mm.