Inside Looking Out

I find that it is a challenge making pictures every day.  After posting the two pictures I made yesterday, I thought that there has to be color out there.  I just have to get closer, but I wasn’t excited about going out to make pictures with the temperature at 41 degrees F. and in the rain.  I then decided to take some pictures through glass with condensation on it and also a few through the screens protected by the rear porch.  To make these I had to use the zoom lens at 120 or 150mm focal length and then crop-zoom even further, to get closer.

After having done this, I can rest easier and move on to my task for the day.  I need to start cleaning off my MacBook to make more room by moving last year’s files to external storage.  I delayed that task this year until I had completed a book with some Peru pictures (it is off to be printed) and had completed my income taxes for last year.