Chasing Light with the X100F

If I could, I would prefer to wander around and chase light and shadows and details with my Fujifilm X100F camera.  My problem is a lack of going and coming and finding suitable images.  I made the above while sitting in front of my computer the other morning.

I like the X100F well enough that I keep wondering if I could manage to find enough images, so I could just use it for all of my photography, including my Homewood photography.  I have been continuing to experiment to see if it is possible.  I think I could except for making pictures in the Omni room here at Homewood and photographing scenes like in my last two posts.  The main problem is that I can’t get in front of the audience in the Omni Room and photographing from behind the audience requires a longer focal length.

One potential solution that I am pursuing is to use both my X100F and my E-M1 Mark II with the 75mm prime lens.  I would use my X100F as a compromise for most of my images whenever the 75mm micro 4/3 lens on the E-M1 Mark II was too long.  There would be a few times when the effective 35mm focal length is not wide enough, but those times are rare enough that I could skip those shots.

The other big issue for me is, why not use the 14-150mm lens on the E-M1 Mark II camera for all of my outdoor photography?  There is no valid reason except that I would rather carry and use my X100F.  Is that a sufficient reason for not using the 14 – 150mm micro 4/3 system?  Is that a sufficient reason for giving up those effective 300mm shots?  Is that a sufficient reason for me to try to modify my photography to fit the X100F camera and lens?  Maybe, at least for my personal photography, if I can find enough things of interest to photograph.

If I am to be successful, I just have to shift my field of view to those things closer to me and get closer.  If I can’t, I haven’t lost anything since I still have and can return to carrying and using my micro 4/3 zoom lenses.