Contemplative Photography with the TG-5

I like playing with cameras and processing but live in a less than rich environment for finding images since I don’t travel anymore.  These factors have led me to various schemes or excuses for making pictures.  In past years I tried a lot of lenses and cameras while trying to photograph the same things differently.

Now that I have come close to stopping the practice of trying different gear I have been evolving to using the cameras and lenses I have while I try to use them differently.  Many years ago, I came across the idea of contemplative photography.  If you check out this web site, you will see a good definition of it as well as lots of examples.  The pictures keep changing and will be different over time when you check back again.

I made the above images this morning with my Olympus TG-5.  It isn’t my best camera, but it is ideal for carrying in my pocket to make these kinds of images when something catches my eye.