Images like the one above that I recorded this morning are deceptive.  They make for “feel-good” images but are dishonest in a way.  This image only existed for a few minutes and to post it as representative of anything is wrong.

While we ooh and ahh over it, we aren’t thinking about reality.  I find the current state of affairs in so many things to be wrong and extremely depressing.  For example, while you aren’t thinking about it, global mean sea levels are rising at a faster rate.  You might want to start thinking and doing something about it.  It will affect more than the value of ocean front property.

In addition, we just reached a record low in the amount of global sea ice.  This is just another indicator of the major effects of global warming.  At the same time, the damage costs of the storms in the Atlantic in 2017 were the highest ever.  This will only get worse as the sea level rises.  More and more of our financial resources will be absorbed in rebuilding which draws funds away from everything else.

At the same time, Congress’s decrease in our taxes will just add to the national debt.  This will, in conjunction with increased needs for funds, just make the day of eventual collapse of our economy even greater.

Sorry, but it is a depressing world we live in, especially with an administration that doesn’t seem to believe in science and is doing everything they can to make the eventual impact on our citizens even greater … well, at least for 99% of us.