Getting Ready

Our weather has been cold, dreary, and wet for a few days and I have redirected my efforts to the inside and my micro 4/3 cameras and lenses as I get ready to return to making some images for Homewood publications in the coming couple of weeks.  As such, I have been making sure that I have my Olympus PEN-F and my Olympus E-M1 Mark II set up the same since I might end up using both with different prime lenses.

Since I haven’t been using my micro 4/3 gear so far this year, I need to get back into practice using it and put the X100F away in the drawer for a while.  The images I will make for Homewood publications will be in color (you can start breathing Lois), but I am also still working on a B&W style for my own preferences.  I have shown a few examples of them above.  I have mostly used the X100F and TG-5 for my previous B&W work so I’m also using my test images made with the micro 4/3 gear to see how they might change my B&W processing.  I made all of these from color jpegs recorded on the Olympus gear since I have shifted to using the out of camera natural color jpegs for my Homewood documentary work.