The Way It Was/Is/Could Be?

It was around 40 degrees F. and dark and foggy this morning when I was out with the TG-5 in my pocket, so I thought I would record what it looked like.  While the TG-5 doesn’t give you nice high resolution high quality images, it still does a good job of capturing the sense of how it looked.

Sometimes I tend to rebel against the very good images of others that were made with very nice, but larger and more expensive cameras.  Those who own such cameras and lenses tend to concentrate on the technicalities of the image quality and cause me to think about the reason for the images.  While I appreciate the quality of the gear, I have tended in the last few years to seek out a happy compromise between owning the best camera and the most portable and easy to carry one.  These thoughts have brought me to owning the Olympus TG-5 camera, which I used for these pictures, and the Fujifilm X100F, and the Olympus E-M1 Mark II and PEN-F cameras.

In my spare time (I have lots of that), I am always on the hunt for the smallest camera with the highest quality optics that might be a compromise to replace all of my cameras.  If I could find an affordable compact camera with a fixed prime lens with great low light capability and enough resolution (megapixels) that enabled me to crop-zoom, and still fit in a jacket pocket and make high quality images, I would get it and sell all the rest.

Those of you who have been following my blog for a long time also know that I have even threatened a few times to only use a pocket camera for my personal photography and blogging.  Some people do it with smart phones, why not with the TG-5, or preferably, a better camera?  Maybe with just the X100F, but I would still prefer something smaller with greater resolution for even greater crop-zooming that is weather and drop resident.